The Summary

The Sales Pack includes the configuration, setup and training for the Sales Ledger functionality in Business Central. This includes sales order processing as well as posting invoices and credit memos to the ledger. Running an aged accounts receivable, managing customers payment terms and credit limits and posting and allocating payments are all available, along with plenty more, in the Sales Pack

The Demo

The Detail

Customers and related master data (Up to 10,000 Records Imported)
Customer Ship-to Addresses
Sales Quote Processing
Sales Invoice & Credit Processing
Aged Accounts Receivable Report and Customer Statements
Understanding Customer Ledger Entries
Payment Terms & Payment Discounts
Invoice discounts
Customer Opening Items Import Tool
Sales Order & Return Processing
Allocation of Sales Invoices, Payments and Credits
Processing Cash Receipts and Registering Customer Payments
Shipping of Items/Stock (including reversal)
Sales Extended Texts
Sales Deferrals
Sales Proformas
Prepayment Invoices
Customer Specific Layouts
Standard Sales Codes (Recurring Sales Invoices)

The FAQs

Can you copy and paste Lines into Orders and Invoices

You can indeed! As long as the columns are in the same order as those on Business Central, you can copy from Excel directly into the Lines section of the document. This can really useful if you’re sent orders from customers that have lots of lines!

Can I copy documents, such as Order and Invoices

Yes you can. A new document can be created and then information copied from an existing document (whether current or already posted)

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